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Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Shows Off Instant Style Switching to Royalguard and Trickster [Update]


Last week, it was seemingly confirmed by Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition‘s UK website that style-switching on the fly would be added to the game, and this has been officially confirmed via the game’s Japanese website.

As we can see from the screenshot, Dante can swap between Swordmaster, Gunslinger, Royalguard, and Trickster, which was the case in Devil May Cry 4 and 5. Each style is mapped to one of the directional buttons, and as you might expect, this feature is only usable if you are using two Joy-Cons, or are using the Pro Controller.

Here’s how the site describes the feature:

“With ‘Free Style’ you can ‘Style Change’ at the press of a button. By switching styles freely in the game, you can achieve even cooler and stylish actions in combat.”

Here are more screenshots below:

That said, these four styles aren’t the only ones Dante had in Devil May Cry 3. Dante was also able to learn the Doppelganger and Quicksilver styles as well, and while they are likely still included, you might need to manually switch styles like before to use them, as there doesn’t seem to be a hotkey for them.

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition will come to the Nintendo Switch on February 20, 2020. It is also available on the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. The style change feature is being added to the Switch version for the first time.

Update: The Devil May Cry Twitter has released a new video with producer Matt Walker explaining the feature. They also confirm that Doppelganger and Quicksilver styles will be hotkeyed to double-tapping Left or Right. Check it out below:

Finally, there are two more new features to be revealed on January 30 and February 13, 2020.

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