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Devil May Cry 5 Devs On Balancing Photorealism With Action, The Mystery 3rd Hero, More



Devil May Cry 5’s key developers shared the latest on the upcoming action game in a big feature in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. The devs talked about balancing photorealism with action, and plenty more. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


Here are the highlights from the interview:


  • The goal for Devil May Cry 5 is photorealism, and they’re working on a consistent 60 fps for a high-speed battle feel that you can only get from Devil May Cry.


  • As for the graphics, Capcom is not only 3D scanning people, but they’re also scanning clothing.


  • Previously, the focus was on response so players were able to motion cancel, but for Devil May Cry 5 it’ll read the input but it won’t simply skip through the animation of the previous action.


  • The developers say that if you could do the same thing (motion skipping) as before but with the photorealistic quality of Devil May Cry 5, it would look strange. This is something Capcom is calling “the uncanny valley of action.”


  • For example, when you turn around you’ll feel the weight behind the character movement. However, this brings another problem of having a slower response. The team struggled in finding a way to keep the responsiveness while giving it a more photorealistic appearance.


  • Capcom wanted a Nero that is at the top of his game in body and mind, so they went with a setting of a few years after Devil May Cry 4.


  • Dante hasn’t gone wild for no reason.


  • The third character you see in the key visual (top image) is a playable character.



  • The relation with Nico and her tattoos is a secret.


  • Capcom aims to share new info and have Devil May Cry 5 be playable at Gamescom 2018.


  • The background music changes as you pull off combos. For example it’ll change to a B melody then to a C melody to hype things up.


  • That means unless you do something cool, you might get stuck on a repeat of the A melody.


  • Capcom’s goal is to make Devil May Cry 5 the peak of action games in the Heisei period (1989 to ~April 2019)


Devil May Cry 5 releases in Spring 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can check out more on Devil May Cry 5 with a closer look at its stylish action and more on Nero in our previous report.

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