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Devil May Cry 5 Producer Says Development Has Ended, Which Means Trish And Lady Aren’t Playable




Matt Walker, one of the producers for Devil May Cry 5, took to Twitter to answer questions from fans about the game. Unfortunately, some of the answers dash hopes about more playable characters. When asked about possible Devil May Cry 5 DLC that would make characters like Lady and Trish playable, Walker confirmed that Capcom has finished development on the game. In another comment, he confirmed that no more content is planned.


Here is the first comment from Walker on Devil May Cry 5 DLC, where he said he would have liked to have seen “the ladies playable too.”



The follow-up comment was in response to someone asking about a playable version of Vergil. Here, Walker specifically said, “Unfortunately we don’t plan on adding any more content to DMC5.” In this comment, he also noted that Resident Evil 2 was a success and he hopes to see more games in the series.



In other comments, Walker talked about other people who appeared, or rather didn’t appear, in Devil May Cry 5. First, when it came to Kyrie, she didn’t appear physically because it wasn’t in the budget.



As for Vergil, Walker explained that he doesn’t look the way people may expect due to time spent in another realm.



Sadly, Walker’s talk with fans didn’t reveal any details about the upcoming Devil May Cry anime series. As people may recall, Adi Shankar announced in November 2018 that he is working on a Devil May Cry series. When someone asked if it would be connected to Devil May Cry 5, Walker noted that he had no information to share.



Devil May Cry 5 is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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