Rumor: Vicarious Visions May Be Working on a Diablo II Remaster

diablo 2 remaster rumor

Quite a while back, job listings at Activision Blizzard suggested we’d be seeing the return of Diablo II in some form or another. That didn’t happen as quickly as expected, nor without drama on the way there. But in the wake of Diablo IV‘s announcement and release of Warcraft III: Reforged, it seems like that Diablo II remaster is on the way. This is a rumor, mind, so take the rest of this story with the appropriate grain of salt. [Thanks, IGN!]

This rumor comes from some original reporting out of a French outlet by the name of ActuGaming. According to other coverage, ActuGaming has correctly reported on upcoming Blizzard news in the past, accurately reporting on the likes of Overwatch 2Diablo IV, and World of Warcraft: Shadowlands ahead of official announcements. The usual anonymous sources from in or around Activision Blizzard are cited.

The report suggests this Diablo II remaster is planned to launch later in 2020, and we may be hearing about it soon since Blizzard was recently confirmed for at least one of this summer’s E3 “replacement” events. But the most intriguing part of this report is that Vicarious Visions (of recent Crash Bandicoot fame) is working with Blizzard on developing this project.

Diablo II is available on the PC, in its original form.

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