DieselPunk RPG Insomnia Waking From Cryosleep For Another Kickstarter Soon



DieselPunk RPG game Insomnia came up on Kickstarter last year… and then promptly went right back down again. The problem: Its devs, Studio Mono, felt they hadn’t done a good job explaining the game. So here’s their round two, with a preview video and early screenshots.


emulator 2014-04-16 12-28-34-50

emulator 2014-04-15 14-43-00-43 emulator 2014-05-15 17-56-22-26

One of the problems the studio identified back then was that Insomnia was billed as being a “co-operative online tactical RPG,” which it apparently isn’t. It’s hard to see why people wouldn’t take it that way reading their original pitch, however.


emulator 2014-04-15 14-43-39-96 emulator 2014-05-14 17-36-18-27

emulator 2014-05-15 17-53-42-78 emulator 2014-05-29 10-43-59-47

The Kickstarter will return later this year, June 23rd they claim, rather than the January they had initially shot for. It aims to do a better job of explaining the deal behind the grimy, retro-futuristic RPG as well.


emulator 2014-05-16 16-24-36-67

emulator 2014-05-29 10-30-28-20 emulator 2014-05-29 10-44-18-98

emulator 2014-05-29 10-44-44-61 emulator 2014-05-29 10-47-04-05

Insomnia itself will feature a non-linear storyline, exploring the new planet Mankind has arrived at as its elusive point of evacuation after 400 years of cryosleep. The game intends to come with multiple chapters and campaign releases if it’s successful.