Digimon Con Survey Lets Participants Ask About Game Development

Digimon Con Survey

Bandai Namco opened a survey for Digimon Con. The survey concerns the game news segment that will appear during the Digimon Con broadcast. Participants can ask a myriad of questions about new and old titles, and game development. Additionally, participants can even ask about games that they would like to potentially see made. However, the survey is currently only available in Japanese. The website also states that they will not be able to answer each and every question during the Digimon Con broadcast. The questionnaire will remain open until January 10, 2021.

First announced in December 2021, Digimon Con is an online event that will cover several major facets of the Digimon series. This includes a segment dedicated to anime planning, and game information. The event will be held in February 2022. Further information regarding the specifics of the individual segments has yet to be revealed. However, it will provide information regarding the Digimon Vital Bracelets. Additionally, Ayumi Hamasaki will hold a live performance sometime during the event.

The broadcast will air through the Bandai Official YouTube channel. It will also be entirely free to watch, and available to watch in both English and Japanese. Some portions of the broadcast may differ based on language.

Digimon Con will take place on February 26, 2022.

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