Digimon Gets New Anime, 15th Anniversary Blu-Ray Releases


15 years ago, today on August 1st, eight children left for summer camp and arrived in the Digital World. Today, a Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary Event was held in Odaiba with guest stars Kouji Wada, AiM, and voice actresses Chika Sakamoto (Agumon) and Mayumi Yamaguchi (Gabumon), as well as others.


At the event, a number of announcements were made. I will try to cover the major ones below.


All of this information (except for the last announcement below) can be seen on the Digimon 15th Anniversary page. The site also comes in English.


First, a Movie Song Collection CD would be sold with compilations of insert songs from every one of the Digimon movies. Second, Blu-Ray releases of the Digimon Adventure box set as well as a collection of all the movies (from Adventure to Savers) have been announced. The box set will be available in March and will contain the series as well as a new Drama CD.


Third, commemoration Digivices (essentially V-Pets) are up for pre-order. The monsters you can raise include all of the original 8 partners. The Digivices come in Taichi and Yamato coloring.



And finally, a new anime has been announced as well. It will be a direct sequel to Adventure (and consequently Zero Two) and feature Taichi, age 17, in high school. Above is the trailer with English text with the tagline “Now, Again, the adventure evolves.” The anime will premiere Spring of 2015.


As you may have noticed, the event was made very accessible to overseas English-speaking fans. The event had come with an English nicovideo site for livestreaming, annd the trailer as well as the official Anniversary page have English versions.


In addition,  Netflix has released the first three seasons of Digimon. OK, yes, they were up before, but now, the original Japanese vocals are available with English subtitles. Because of the edited format of the English dub, the English subbed version will be listed as a separate entry.