Digimon Pendulum Ver. 20th Dukemon And Beelzebumon Color Pre-Orders Start June 28



Bandai is releasing a 20th anniversary edition of the Digimon Pendulum which has already sold out its original colors that release in a couple days, but two new colors were revealed with pre-orders coming soon. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


The two new colors are “Dukemon Color” in white and “Beelzebumon Color” in black. Pre-orders for the two new colors will go live on June 28, 2018 and those of you interested in doing so can make your orders at the Premium Bandai shop.


The Dukemon Color will come with an exclusive Darkdramon and the Beelzebumon Color version comes with Jesmon as its exclusive Digimon.


The Digimon Pendulum Ver. 20th Dukemon Color and Beelzebumon Color versions will release sometime in December 2018, priced at 3,700 yen each. You can read more about the devices in our previous report.

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