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Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode Screenshots Introduce New Allies


Since our previous report on the new information released about Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode, more details have been revealed about the new protagonists and antagonists in the extra scenarios as well as new screenshots.


Barbamon resides in the center of the Dark Area and is ruler of the Fallen Angel Digimon. When he sets his eyes on a treasure he finds within the network, he will use any means necessary, no matter how cruel, to obtain it.


Previously, it was mentioned that the other Demon Lords have their own motives. Lilithmon wishes to rule the Digital World herself, while Beelzebumon wants to stop Barbamon’s ambitions and will cooperate with the heroes.


On the protagonist side, we’ve already heard about V-mon. This V-mon follows the V-Dramon evolution line, from V-Dramon to Aero V-Dramon, and finally to AlForce V-Dramon. Both of V-mon’s intermediate evolutions are considered extremely rare on Folder Continent and are considered great warriors throughout history. V-mon himself is a descendent of an ancient race of Digimon who were around during the prosperous ages right after the Digital World’s creation. It is because of his link to this race that he is able to use Armor Evolution.


As for AlForce V-Dramon, he is considered one of the fastest, even among the Royal Knights. He is said to only appear in a certain “prophecy” that speaks of the gathering of the Royal Knights in time of eminent danger.