A Digital Spirit Can Possess The Machines & Robots Of Ghost 1.0



While players will often use their android frame to explore and fight in Ghost 1.0, it’s in using the digital spirit that inhabits her to control other robots, sneak through barriers, and override defenses that they’ll be able to acquire the secrets of Nakamura Space Station.




The android frame players start with isn’t always the best choice for any given situation in adventure/exploration game Ghost 1.0. When they need to, players can make the digital spirit that controls the android leave the body. In this state, they can float through walls and barriers, and also possess other machines, controlling them to make them attack or complete tasks. Players won’t even have to worry about getting hurt, as the spirit is undamaged when a possessed body dies.




Players will need to take care of the host android body, doing so with unique weapons and collectible passive upgrades. Many of these upgrades can be found in the game’s 200 secret rooms, each accessible by using the right action in the right spot. The game also uses an RPG-like skill system, where abilities can be proved by putting accrued skill points into them.




Ghost 1.0 is available now on Steam.

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