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Disaster Report 4 Plus Brings You To A Shopping Street And A Park


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Disaster Report 4 Plus got new information via this week’s Famitsu, including information on two new areas in the game, as well as character customization, and how the VR mode will work.


As you go along the story, the main character will find themselves visiting a suburban shopping street that hasn’t seen aid arrive yet. The baking hot summer is the real enemy in this area, and the survivors have nowhere to go, or any resources such as electricity or water to rely on.

Despite this, the residents are determined to stick around and survive. When the protagonist arrives in the area, they are embroiled in opposition to those from a neighboring area, and will get to experience the shopping street in both daytime and sunset.

Some of the people he or she will meet include a man who is mourning his recently opened food store, as well as residents who ask for their help in order to retrieve items.


zzt4 park


In the latter half of the game, the protagonist finds themselves at a park that has been turned into an disaster shelter. With this being a while since the disaster hit, people are starting to get used to shelter life. However, stress continues to build up, and people are starting to get worried that their current style of life will continue on forever. In the wake of this, false rumors like, “Help is coming” or “We’ve been abandoned” start to spread.

The people staying at this shelter are mainly working adults who have enough food and water to survive, thanks to buildings nearby stocking emergency supplies. However, these people want to live a life that is above the bare minimum that they are living right now.




How the VR mode for Disaster Report 4 Plus was also revealed. There are various VR-specific stages that unlock as you go through the main story, which don’t follow the main protagonist. The VR mode will be playable anytime in the game.


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Finally, Famitsu also showed off how players can customize the protagonist with a variety of outfits. The outfits and hairstyles can be found while playing through the game, and can be customized in the item screen, or at changing rooms. Outfits can range to the fashionable to the silly.

In Japan, there will be various costumes that are pre-order specific depending on which place you pre-order the game at.


Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories will come to the PlayStation 4 in Japan on October 25, 2018. If you have a Japanese PlayStation Store account, you will be able to download the demo in August 2018.

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