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Disaster Report 4 Plus Has A PS4 Theme As A Digital Pre-Order Bonus


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During a Famitsu stream today, Disaster Report 4 Plus director Kazuma Kujo revealed that the game will have a PlayStation 4 theme that can be obtained as a digital pre-order bonus.


As of today, the game is now available on the Japanese PS Store to pre-order. The game costs 7,200 yen, and will come out on November 22, 2018 instead of October 25, 2018.


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While the gameplay shown on the stream mainly mirrored that of the demo’s, several new events now take place in the crossing where the protagonist starts off at, including a suited man who asks the protagonist if they have seen a person wearing a black shirt who’s running away. The protagonist also meets other characters that weren’t seen in the demo.

Kujo also showed off the returning post-it feature that appears on the area map. It reminds you what choice you chose during character events, as well as what the next objective is.


Here’s the full stream below (gameplay starts at the 18 minute mark):


While discussing what’s been changed from the PlayStation 3, Kujo talked about how they have used the extra power to add more details, such as more hurt people standing or sitting around, as well add in more options regarding the NPCs.


Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories will release in Japan on November 22, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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