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Disaster Report 4 Plus Introduces A Company President, And A Mysterious Man Being Chased


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This week’s issue of Famitsu had a feature on Disaster Report 4 Plus, showing off a few more locations that the protagonist will visit, as well as several characters they will meet along the way.


It seems that the protagonist will be revisiting the part of the town they started the game at a later part of the story. Some areas will have changed, such as how several areas have turned into shelters, such as an office building you can already visit even in the demo.

Apart from the office building, where the protagonist will listen in on some of the company’s financial troubles, the protagonist will visit a collapsed highway bridge, a fast food store where people still haven’t taken in the situation, and more.


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Famitsu also introduced some of the characters the protagonist will meet. Shun Kirishima is a young company president of the IT firm Bestla. Thanks to his leadership and financial skills, Bestla has experienced rapid growth, and is one of the major companies in town. However, the earthquake has seriously affected his company, a fact he doesn’t take to well thanks to his hubris.

Kanae Tomita is a young woman who lives in this town, and encounters the earthquake while riding the subway. She’s older than the protagonist, and acts in a cool and refreshing manner. However, she doesn’t realize the precariousness of her situation even during a serious disaster like this.

You might recognize Masayoshi Kumazawa, a rather portly man who is the manager of a convenience store. Just like his introduction way back when Disaster Report 4 Plus was Disaster Report 4, he’s planning to earn money even during a crisis, by selling food and water at higher prices to victims of the disaster. He’ll even jack up the price even further if you dare call him out.

On the top-right is an unnamed mysterious man who is being chased by another person. He wears a black T-shirt, and shows signs of being the victim of some sort of violence. However, he himself doesn’t remember gaining injuries like these. Of course, whether or not the protagonist helps him is up to the player.


Finally, Disaster Report 4 Plus introduced two of the game’s features, being a list of the people you meet throughout the story, and the disaster manual that will be included. The “People” list will let you look through every character met in the story, as well as their respective sidestories. Depending on your choices, they might meet a different ending. As for the disaster manual, this provides real life tips for what happens if you get into an earthquake, and provides useful knowledge on how to tackle different situations. The manual is updated thorughout the game as you progress, and when you find certain items.


Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories launches for PlayStation 4 in Japan on October 25, 2018. Check out some VR gameplay from TGS 2018 in our previous report here.

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