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Disaster Report 4 Plus Introduces New Survivors Ryuzo Akazaki And Yayoi Kasahara


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The latest issue of Famitsu featured Disaster Report 4 Plus, and introduces two new survivors the protagonist will get to know in the game, as well as other subplots that may happen in the game.


Ryuzo Okazaki

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Ryuzo Okazaki suddenly stops the protagonist in their tracks, and asks about a man wearing a black T-shirt. It seems that he’s chasing after the person, and is looking for clues as to where he’s gone.

Little does he know that the man he’s looking for can be seen right behind him as he approaches the player. However, whether the protagonist gives away the mysterious man’s location is up to the player.


Yayoi Kasahara

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Yayoi is a university student from the same year as the protagonist. She’s been looking for a job without any success, which is starting to worry her. She happens to be visiting the town when the disaster hits.


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A certain sub-plot in the game was also shown off in Famitsu. Here, after the disaster strikes, a woman in a red shirt is seen playing the guitar, but she’s approached by a man who scolds her for doing such a thing at such an inappropriate time. You can choose to join in with the man, but this only makes her dislike you.


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Finally, several more unlockable costumes for the female protagonist in the game were shown off by Granzella.


Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories launches for PlayStation 4 in Japan on November 22, 2018. The director of the game recently revealed why the game was delayed by a month from its original October release here.

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