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Disaster Report 4 Plus Rocks Nintendo Switch In September; Post-Game DLC In May


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Granzella announced today two new pieces of news regarding Disaster Report 4 Plus – that it was coming to the Switch, as well as a first look at the post-story DLC that takes place several months after the earthquake.


According to Granzella, the reason why the game is coming to the Switch was due to its portability, meaning you can take it anywhere you want. They also released a screenshot of the Switch version, and while graphics look noticeably downgraded, it’s interesting to note that the street shown in the screenshot is the same one shown in previous trailers for the PS4 version.

This particular street is never visited in-game, so it’s strange that they continue to show off this street even in the Switch version announcement. While unlikely, there might be some extra things in the Switch version.


Check out the boxart below:

zzt4 switch 2


Disaster Report 4 Plus for Nintendo Switch launches in September 2019.


Post-story DLC

zzt4 dlc

The post-story DLC that is set to take place a few months after the earthquake, where the protagonist gets to see how the city is being reconstructed, is now set for a late May release. We also got a new screenshot showing off new buildings being built in place of some of the collapsed buildings.


More info on the DLC will be released later, as well as a more specific release date. However, Granzella is holding a 25% off sale for the digital version of Disaster Report 4 Plus on PlayStation 4 starting May 16 to June 14 in celebration of the DLC release.


Disaster Report 4 Plus is available on PlayStation 4, and is coming to Nintendo Switch in September 2019.

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