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Disaster Report 4 Plus Screenshots Show Off The School Grounds And The Tired Survivors


zzt4 school2

In Disaster Report 4 Plus, the protagonist of the game finds themselves headed towards a school grounds-turned-shelter, which we previously described in our last report. Screenshots from this week’s Famitsu have emerged, showing us more detail of just what the living situation is like there.


zzt4 school1

A tent has been set up on the front of the gymnasium, where survivors can register their names. People who are just exhausted from the ordeal dot the school grounds.


zzt4 school2

People with cars choose to live in them, but this isn’t ideal either, as that means they are alone in the case of any emergency. They also lose out on the relief that comes from group activity in these sort of times.


zzt4 school3

zzt4 school4


People wash and hang their clothes to dry using pool water.


zzt4 school5

The gymnasium is the main living area, with living spaces divided through cardboard boxes.


zzt4 school6

Portable toilets are understandably crowded, and people irritable.


zzt4 school7

zzt4 school8

zzt4 school9

Finally, there is a look at the UI of the game. The Disaster Manual has its own separate section on the menu screen, and unlike some other games in the series, the amount of free space in the protagonist’s backpack is shown by a bar, on the menu screen, rather than in units of weight like in Raw Danger on PS2.


Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories is expected to release in Japan in 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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