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Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories’ School-Turned-Shelter Isn’t Quite The Ideal Place To Stay


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Details for this week’s Famitsu scoop on Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories have leaked, describing the ordeal of living at an over-capacity shelter in the midst of a disaster scenario. [Thanks, Hachima Kikou!]


The school-turned-shelter is home to many people living harsh lives. The gymnasium has been turned into a living area, but isn’t large enough to accommodate everyone. As such, the protagonist will see people living on the sports field, or see a makeshift playground on the roof. People with cars parked in the school grounds bide their time and days inside their cars. The stress of living in a disaster environment is causing a variety of problems and arguments.


Effort has been made to depict the situations in real life shelters. Cardboard boxes are used to separate a bit of private space for each family. The exit is open all the time so that people can run away if another earthquake hits. The swimming pool’s water, while undrinkable, is used to wash clothes and other things. There are even people lining up to use portable toilets, and irritated people waiting for their turn as well.


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Toilet paper and flashlights are just two of the items the protagonist can carry. There are also several backpacks with different designs and capacities.


Strength gauge and Stress gauge:

The HP gauge’s upper limit is directly influenced by the Stress gauge, as higher Stress will lower the max amount of HP. If not properly managed, the protagonist might even die from just a small amount of damage.



More than 60 characters will appear in this game, and when talking to them, the series’ famous number of conversation choices will appear. There are even some comedic choices.


Disaster Prevention Manual:

The disaster prevention manual, which had a warm reception in the third game, will be in Disaster Report 4 Plus as well. Apart from giving some hints for progress, it will provide useful information for real life as well.


Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories is expected to release in Japan in 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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