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Discover The Town Where There’s Naught But Children In Dragon Quest X



Hidden away by steep mountains, the town of Seredo lies in Dragon Quest X: The Slumbering Hero And Sworn Guiding Ally’s continent of Rendashia. When brave adventurers finally discover it, they find the strange oddness that is a town filled with nothing but children.


While the town is a picturesque jaunt, with multiple elevations to let everyone have a beautiful view, players will soon come across a destroyed church.



Its windows broken into and the entire roof and building in ruins, just what exactly caused this? The children… don’t seem to want to say.



To get to the bottom of this—Scooby-Dooby-Dooooo style—you’ll need to talk to children such as Rizerotta, the de facto leader of the town of Seredo. An audacious but determined girl, the children of Seredo have deep trust in her nonetheless. She has a mysterious familiar, Muchino, who follows her around as she keeps public order in the children’s city.


Muchino’s that strange satyr-like familiar. Summoned by magic, and able to cook any sweet in a jiffy, just what is his role here?



Fuuro is the previous priest’s son, and a bit of a cowardly sort. While he’s a childhood friend of Rizerotta and follows her faithfully, even putting himself in harms way when she thinks she’s being threatened, he seems to be the only one who questions why the town is the way it is now…


If you want the answers, you’ll have to make haste to the new continent once the expansion lands December 5th on PC, Wii and Wii U.