Nippon Ichi Software president Sohei Niikawa commented on the company going forward into 2018, and he commented on the state of Disgaea 5 Complete sales, as well as the company’s main platforms going forward. [Thanks, Inside Games!]


Here are the highlights:


  • Thanks to the game selling well in North America, Europe, and Asia in late 2017, the Nintendo Switch version of Disgaea 5 managed to sell nearly 200,000 copies.


  • They will continue expanding into the consumer games market with new IPs and sequels to existing IPs with PS4 and Nintendo Switch as the main platforms.


  • There are also announced apps that are in development.


  • July 12, 2018 is Nippon Ichi Software’s 25th anniversary. There will be events, goods and new games to celebrate the event and thank the fans, which are currently being prepared.


  • Please continue to support Nippon Ichi Software, which turns 25 this year!


Disgaea 5 Complete is available for Nintendo Switch.

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