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Disgaea 5 Lets You Make Your Own Netherworlds, Enjoy Curry



NIS America has taken to the PlayStation Blog to present a wealth of Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance information. In addition to new trailers starring the two leads, Killia and Seraphina, and screenshots, the update discussed Alchemists, the Curry Shop, DLC, the Nether Research Squad, and the Netherworld Editor.



The Alchemist and Nether Research Squad features take effect while you play. With alchemy, you start creation before a battle, using innocents acquired through Item World battles or bred in the Innocent Shop to power up new items you make. The Nether Research Squad lets you send team members you aren’t using to explore other Netherworlds to unlock new locations for the group to visit, get items, and earn experience.

Disgaea 5‘s Curry Shop is a new base facility. A player can stop by between battles to make some food. However, the recipes may result in a meal that could boost or debuff your party in the next battle.


The Netherworld Editor lets people make their own Netherworlds in Disgaea 5. Once one is made, you can share it online for other people to play. You can also summon a created world to the map your on, making the map take on the effects of the one another player made.


Disgaea 5 DLC was also discussed, but not priced. There will be five batches, and will add characters from Disgaea D2, Disgaea 3, Disgaea 4, and La Pucelle to the game. A season pass will also be sold, with Pleinair offered as a playable character only through that offer.


Disgaea 5 will be $59.99 when it’s released on the PlayStation 4 on October 6.


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