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Disgaea 5 Shows More Of Its Revenge System And Union Attacks



From board games to power up allies, to a new “Revenge” system that rewards you for getting hit, Disgaea 5 introduces new systems to the series, and 4Gamer shares a look at the new and old with their latest gameplay video.


After a short opening clip, the video shows us a look at the starting part of Disgaea 5, where Seraphina and her group of Prinnies encounter the evil demon emperor Void Dark’s brutal and heartless army, called The Lost.


The Prinnies are panicking because it seems like they’re about to wipe out, and just as Seraphina was prepared to actually take matters in her own hands, she sees the protagonist Killia appear in the middle of the two groups.


After approaching him to ask what he’s doing, Killia says “as you can see, I’m eating food,” and follows up with an explanation that it’s an oyakodon made from the breast and eggs of a Thousand-Year Dragon… and that it’s delicious.


Now that he’s full, he decides to single-handedly take out the entire group of The Lost’s army. Seraphina then seems quite delighted, as she has now “found her prince”.


The 3:49 mark of the video shows us the basic battle system of the game, and most of it might look familiar to those of you who’ve played past Disgaea titles. At 5:29, they show two new features with the “Revenge” and “Secret Demon Arts”.


Your Revenge meter fills up when taking damage from enemies or if an ally falls. Once it fills up all the way, you’ll go into Revenge Mode. When in Revenge Mode, parameters get boosted, and Overlord-class characters can use the Secret Demon Arts.


There are many Secret Demon Arts that are exclusive to certain characters, and they’re quite the powerful abilities. Using both Revenge and Secret Demon Arts will be something you’ll need to carefully plan out while strategizing your way through the game.


At the 6:47 mark, they show us a more on cooperative Union Attacks, starting with a duo of Killia and Seraphina. These can only be done between main characters, and there will be certain pairs that can use these unique moves together.


Next, they show some more on the game’s character create mode, where you can get an idea at what it looks like to make characters for your party at the Scout Shop. While they might not be as powerful as the Overlords, they’ll come in handy for providing balance to your party.


Finally, at 11:50, they show us another look at the “Character World” board game, which is used to power up characters. You can read more about it in our previous report.


Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance will release in Japan on March 26, 2015 for PlayStation 4. The game will release in North America and Europe this fall.

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