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Disgaea 5’s Latest Trailer Gets Closer To The Three Main Heroes


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Nippon Ichi revealed a March 26, 2015 release date for Disgaea 5 during the Tokyo Game Show 2014 live-stream earlier today. Additionally, they also released a new trailer for the game.


The trailer starts out with Disgaea 5’s protagonist quoting, “I’ll never forget… revenge is the only thing that’s keeping me going.” He’s a young demon boy who is out to get revenge against the demon emperor known as Void Dark, for reasons we don’t know yet.


Next, Seraphine says, “All men are destined to dance in the palms of I, the demon lord of the Gorgeous Netherworld, Seraphine.”


Usalia, the demon lord of the Rabbit Rabbit Netherworld who got affected by a strange curse that makes her go violent when she doesn’t get her fix of curry says “You all are so strong… I didn’t have have that strength.”


Seraphine seems to say some funny things in combat and belittles opponents, while Kilia seems pretty fixated on getting revenge at all times. Meanwhile, you can see Usalia go into some sort of berserk state at 1:11 after saying, “I’ll never forgive you, of all people.”



Additionally, Nippon Ichi revealed that the Disgaea 5 demo that is currently playable at Tokyo Game Show will be available for PlayStation 4 players sometime in October via PSN. The demo will let you try out the Revenge Mode and Demon Artes for the first time on Disgaea 5.


Disgaea 5 is slated for release in March 26, 2015 in Japan for PlayStation 4.

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