Disgaea 6 Characters Possibly Shown in NIS America Email

Disgaea 6 Limited Edition Famitsu DX Pack

We might have just gotten a look at some new Disgaea characters, potentially even from Disgaea 6. NIS America sent out an email with a message from President Sohei Niikawa. At the end of the short note was an image of two Disgaea-like demons sitting on a gravestone and eating.

What’s interesting about the picture is that both of tehse appear to be original characters. There’s a young man with a heart on his chest in a red hoodie. He has a horn in the center of his forehead and also appears to have his legs stitched on. As for the girl, she has pink hair, two horns, and one of her arms stitched on. In the background, you can see a pug-like character also nibbling on something.

This is notable, because NIS often teases new Disgaea games in greeting cards. Before Disgaea 5 launched, a message was sent out showing Killia and with a “5” hidden in the background. Likewise, Disgaea 3 was teased in a holiday card.

As for the message itself, here is what NIS President Niikawa had to say:

The world is trying to change drastically, but our mission has not changed.

We are currently working on multiple game projects in order to bring fun and happiness to as many people as possible.

Please look forward to them.

One of the last times Disgaea 6 was mentioned was back in July 2018, when Niikawa confirmed it would be developed and released.

Jenni Lada
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