Disgaea PC Patch Addresses FPS And SSAO Issues


disgaea pc

People playing the Windows PC version of Disgaea and experiencing framerate and screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO) issues may find some of the issues resolved. NIS America has released a patch designed to alleviate some of the port’s most prominent problems, as well as optimize the general GPU performance and fix some text and audio issues.


Most of the remedies in this Disgaea PC patch have to do with FPS drops. Prior to the fix, the game often didn’t run at 60 FPS. The update fixes framerate issues where the it was low on high end PCs, causing slowdowns and would drop due to the game constantly looking for a controller. It also will skip frames in the event of dropping FPS now, to make things easier on the player. NIS America also reminded people that being part of Steam Client Beta Participation can cause some FPS issues with the game and recommended opting out if problems still occur.


Two SSAO issues were also addressed in Disgaea PC. You’ll get a warning message if you turn it on and your computer doesn’t meet the recommended requirements. If you do meet requirements and still have problems, you will no longer see artifacts on your screen. Also, people with Intel GPUs won’t get black screens when turning on SSAO.


NIS America mentioned that it is aware of additional problems that still exist with Disgaea PC. It noted that this patch will disable the Steam overlay and cause problems if you try to take screenshots or stream. Also, the Cave of Ordeals 3 does still make the game crash for some people, and people with Windows 7, an Intel CPU, and outdated drivers will still experience crashes. Additional patches are planned.


Disgaea PC is immediately available for Windows PCs.

Jenni Lada
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