Disgaea RPG Has Been Riddled With Delays Due To Excess Overseas Logins Among Other Reasons



Players of SINoALICE still remember its lengthy post-launch maintenances that delayed the game early on, but a new king, or in this case Demon Lord, of lengthy maintenances has arrived with Disgaea RPG clocking in at over 120 hours.


Disgaea RPG officially launched for smartphones in Japan on March 19 but it immediately went into an emergency maintenance on its opening day, and has still been under maintenance following several delays and daily updates for the prolonged maintenance.


In Nippon Ichi Software’s latest update on the game’s official Twitter account, the company noted that as a result of thorough analysis of the access log they were able to determine that one of the issues comes from excess overseas logins. With that said, they’re currently taking measures to reduce access and will provide an update on further development.


The game was expected to re-launch its service within March and Nippon Ichi is working on keeping that objective with a few days left in the month.


Disgaea RPG is available in Japan for iOS and Android.

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