Disgaea RPG Scheduled To Revive From Maintenance Hell This November In Japan



Back in April we we heard that Nippon Ichi Software and ForwardWorks would need three months of repair work until relaunch, but now that three months have gone by we have a new update on its development.


According to the NIS update, since June they’ve added new development partners to improve on its production with the goal of putting everything they have into working on repairs as they look forward to the service relaunch. As a result, it was made possible to share a November service start window for Japan.


Here’s the development schedule they have planned until November:

July 2019

  • Development structure improvement
  • Server/Application improvement (Continued)


August 2019

  • Server/Application improvement (Continued)


September 2019

  • Detailed schedule until service starts to be announced on official website
  • Server/Application improvement (Continued)
  • Preparations for open launch of the test version


October 2019

  • Launch test version
  • Server/Application final improvements


November 2019

  • Service Start



Disgaea RPG launches for iOS and Android in Japan in November 2019. For more on the game’s development, read about its maintenance delays and an explanation from what was going on earlier here.

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