Disgaea RPG Update Adds New Features and an Original Character Named ‘Dies’

Disgaea RPG Update adds new features and original character

The smartphone game by ForwardWorks, Disgaea RPG, got its 2.7.0 update that added new functions and an original character named ‘Dies.’ In addition to fixes and adjustments, the game has a number of campaigns going on to commemorate the latest version update. There’s also a new raid called “Visitor from the Underworld: Mao XENO” in which you fight the new boss Mao XENO.

The 2.7.0 update added a new function called the “Super Magic Ritual” that allows you to unlock the latent powers of a character. You unlock them by selecting a fixed latency type and clearing conditions in battle. The other new feature is the “Underworld Market” which is mostly a function to trade in summoned characters that are ★3 and above for Prinny Coins.


Disgaea RPG Update adds new features and original character Dies

Dies (pronounced ‘Diēs’) is a completely original character who plays a key role in volume 2 of the main story. He joins as a ★4 character in the update and is available to recruit from the “Platinum Summon Re:born” banner. The gunner character specializes in using firearms with magic abilities used to land swift attacks.

Disgaea RPG Update

Disgaea RPG features original episodes and more is available through the update with the addition of Volume 2 Chapter 2 of the main story. In Volume 1, the past main characters were accused of conspiracy which resulted in a war starting amongst them, and the fight continues to rage on.

Disgaea RPG Update

There are five major campaigns going on to help players out. For example, the new character commemoration mission is one to help people level up new characters, like Dies. Most of these will be available through August 27, 2020 at 11:59 am JST.

As for the Mao XENO raid event, it is a new boss who resembles Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice protagonist Mao. In addition to being immune to status ailments, Mao XENO’s attack increases the lower his HP gets.

Disgaea RPG is currently available for iOS and Android devices in Japan. It will also release for PC via DMM Games in Japan in Summer 2020.

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