Disgaea Takes Its Billions Of Damage On The Go With Disgaea RPG For Smartphones



Nippon Ichi Software has been working on a Disgaea smartphone game which has officially been titled Disgaea RPG. Here’s a new trailer presented by Flonne and Etna who show how it plays.


Disgaea RPG features the series’ protagonists and heroines grouped up for an original story about becoming the best Overlord of all-time. It features character designs by Takehito Harada and music by Tenpei Sato.


As far as the battle system goes, it is a turn-based battle system made for smartphones. You can perform cooperative attacks with allies or use them for Tower attacks, and other strategic methods. The game was made to be played with ease, so you can play while on the go or in short bursts.


In true Disgaea fashion, you can level your characters up to level 9,999 and deal billions of damage after learning some abilities and magic. There are numerous other features including the series’ recurring “Dark Assembly” that is used to unlock content, the “Item World” used to level up weapons, and the “Overlord’s Tower” that will have you climb your way up with battles.



Pre-registration for the game is now live with a goal of 200,000 to get a 3 Fallen Angel Flonne for all players.


Disgaea RPG is in development for iOS and Android.

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