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Dishonored 2 Gamescom Screenshots Show More Of Its Action And Architecture



As the October release date approaches, Dishonored 2 is emerging from the shadows with the latest screenshots from Gamescom. Players can choose to play as Corvo Attano or Empress Emily Kaldwin. Both characters have a unique set of abilities, which also give players the option to fight their enemies mercilessly or stealthily achieve their objectives on the sly. A sampling of the action can be seen in the screenshots below.


Dishonored_2_Corvo_GamesCom_1471271821 Dishonored_2_QC_04_1470339331

Dishonored_2_Saloon_GamesCom_1471271831 Dishonored_2_Witches_GamesCom_1471271834

Dishonored_2_Mesmerize_GamesCom_1471271828 Dishonored_2_Combat_GamesCom_1471271816


The remaining screenshots provide a look at the architecture and landscape that make up the fictional city of Karnaca in the Empires of the Isles.


Dishonored_2_QC_03_1470339265 Dishonored_2_Conservatory_GamesCom_1471271819Dishonored_2_QC_05_1470345589 Dishonored_2_Karnaca_GamesCom_1471271824 Dishonored_2_QC_02_1470339199


Dishonored 2 is scheduled to release worldwide on October 9, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.