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Disney Art Academy is Being Delisted From the Nintendo eShop

Disney Art Academy Removed

Nintendo announced that the downloadable version of Disney Art Academy for the Nintendo 3DS will be removed from the Nintendo 3DS eShop on March 30, 2021. However, users who already bought the downloadable version will still be able to download it after March 31st. This follows a wave of other delisting announcements, following the end of Nintendo 3DS production late last year.

Disney Art Academy released in May 2016. Developed by Headstrong Games, it was the last of the Art Academy series of games. Others include Pokemon Art Academy, which was the first 3DS title to have an artwork sharing feature via Nintendo’s Miiverse.

Disney Art Academy teaches players how to draw characters from popular Disney franchises. The game features a variety of brushes, backgrounds, and a tiered lesson system that teaches basic electronic drawing concepts.

The most recent example of eShop delistings was back in January, when Nintendo delisted many DSi games before putting some of them back up.

Again, Disney Art Academy will be removed at the end of March 30, 2021 in Japan. Player’s who have already purchased the downloadable version of the game can redownload it even after the game has been delisted from the eShop. Further information on how to redownload deleted games can be found on Nintendo’s FAQ page.

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