Dissidia Final Fantasy Details Its Arcade Gameplay



We’ve gotten a look at Dissidia Final Fantasy’s six starting characters, featuring the likes of Cloud Strife, Warrior of Light, and Onion Knight. In addition, the official website has also provided some details on the game’s basic battle system and other information.


The user interface for Dissidia Final Fantasy on arcade has a lot going on. Here’s a little breakdown on the key features that you’ll see on the screen:



  1. Play Time
  2. Battle Log
  3. Party Status: indicates a party member’s health, Brave, and enemies they’re being targeted by.
  4. Player’s Status: the icon that is assigned to the triangle button is part of a new system called “EX Skill”. The large number you see is the Brave number. This is basically your attacking power.
  5. Influence HP: decreases as you or your allies fall. The team that loses this bar first, loses.
  6. Target Line: shows a red line when you’re being locked-on, and a blue line when you’re the one locking-on an enemy.
  7. Break Bonus: Shows the bonus points for doing a Break on the enemy.
  8. Navi-Map: shows the position and other details of the enemies and your allies.
  9. Enemy Team’s Information: shows the enemy party and their details.
  10. Chat Icon: is made into a touch panel. The chat function will come in handy when you want to show some spirit or pump up your party members.


Brave and HP Attacks:


Attacks come in two varieties of “HP Attack” and “Brave Attack”. The “Break Bonus” indicates the player’s attack power, and doing an HP Attack will result in taking this number away from the target’s health. A Brave Attack will instead take away from the target’s Break Bonus number.


EX Skills:


“Cast Protect on allies to raise defense,” “Cast Slow on enemies to slow their movements,” and “Provoke the enemy to gather targets,” are some of the many support skills you’ve seen in the Final Fantasy series that you’ll get to use the game.


Again, the EX Skills feature other abilities like Terra’s “Trance” or Cloud’s “Limit Break,”  and other characteristic abilities of the characters, bringing you a wide range of strategies to take put to use in combat.


Summoned Beasts:


By filling up the team-cooperative “Summon Gauge,” your party can call out powerful Summoned Beasts that temporarily help out as your fourth party member. Again, the auto-ability of the Summoned Beast will also activate in battle, giving your party a nice advantage.



What you see above is Ifrit. Ifrit is the malevolent deity that’s engulfed in hellfire. He can control blazing fire to burn down enemies.


Dissidia Final Fantasy is in development for arcade.

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