Dissidia Final Fantasy Details Its Six Characters And Their Roles



In Square Enix’s upcoming arcade title, Dissidia Final Fantasy, you’ll get to play as various characters from throughout the entire series. However, what makes Warrior of Light’s attacks different from Cloud’s Buster Sword hits? 4Gamer’s latest video teaches us more on the six revealed characters, and their specialties.


The video starts out with a some basic information on the upcoming arcade release of Dissidia Final Fantasy, and how it’ll mainly be played as a 3v3 action fighter. In this video, 4Gamer gives us a look at the six currently confirmed characters.


The first one is Warrior of Light, who is classified as a “Heavy” class character. He’s a balanced character that can attack from close range with is sword and also from mid-ranged distance. His EX Skill “Holy Chain” is kind of like a “Provoke” that makes enemies all focus target on himself. His “Shield of Light” increases his defense, helping him become a shield for his allies.


Next up, is the Speed-type Onion Knight. He uses his speed to advantage by getting around with ease throughout the battlefield, and can also use magic and sword attacks. The Onion Knight can change his job between “Ninja” and “Sage,” which greatly changes his playstyle. He’s a versatile character that goes with any kind of party setup.


At 2:48, we get a look at the Shoot-type Terra Branford. As the type name implies, Terra shoots down enemies from mid and long-ranged distances using magic attacks. Her EX Skill is her trademark special ability “Trance,” which transforms her into an Esper, vastly increasing her attack, defense, and speed. She’s an easy-to-use damage-dealer type character.


Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Strife sees some action as a Heavy-type character at the 3:50 mark. Using his giant blade, he can take out enemies by charging (holding) “Brave Attacks”. His EX Skill “Limit Break” allows him to use various attacks with much less time spent charging up his attacks. He might not be able to keep up with Speed-type characters, but he makes up for it with wide range, reach, and heavy attacks.


The Speed-type Lightning is next, and she demonstrates her Paradigm Shift which allows her to switch between two styles of “Attacker” and “Blaster”. Her preferred attacking range changes depending on the style, so you’ll need to know how to switch it up accordingly. Her “Army of One” ability lets her recover HP, making it very useful in all the action going on.


Finally, we get to see Final Fantasy XIV’s Y’shtola at 5:49. Similar to Terra, she’s a Shoot-type character with the ability to attack from mid and long-ranged combat; however, she also excels at supporting allies with buffs and weakening enemies with debuffs. Her EX Skill “Ethereal Pulse” increases the party’s Brave, and the effect will keep going on while the skill is active. It’s powerful and useful, but leaves her open to attacks, so there’s a risk involved, too.


Dissidia Final Fantasy is in development for arcade.

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