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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Is Getting New Battle Themes In October


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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is getting a new pack of BGMs, including Matoya’s Cave from Final Fantasy, Forbidden Land of Eureka from Final Fantasy III, and more.


Here’s the full list of BGMs:

  1. Matoya’s Cave –arrange- (Final Fantasy)
  2. Forbidden Land of Eureka –arrange- (Final Fantasy III)
  3. Final Fantasy IV Main Theme –arrange- (Final Fantasy IV)
  4. Jenova Absolute –arrange- (Final Fantasy VII)
  5. Battle 2 –arrange- (Final Fantasy IX)
  6. Goddess Divine –arrange- (Final Fantasy XI Online)
  7. Knight of the Goddess –arrange- (Final Fantasy XIII-2)
  8. Triumph –arrange- (Final Fantasy XIV Online)


Check out the trailer for the arrangements below:


The BGMs have been added to the arcade version as of September 19, 2018, and will be added to the PS4 version in the second half of October 2018.


Dissidia Final Fantasy is available for arcade in Japan, and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available on PlayStation 4 worldwide.

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