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Dissidia Final Fantasy’s Next New Stage Is The Orbonne Monastery From Final Fantasy Tactics



During the latest Dissidia Final Fantasy live stream, Square Enix revealed a brand-new stage with “Orbonne Monastery” from Final Fantasy Tactics, which will be added to the arcade and PS4 versions of the game.


Check out the above video for a trailer revealing the Orbonne Monastery stage.



The above is a look at the Orbonne Monastery in Final Fantasy Tactics. Those of you who played the game might remember it as the very first battle, where Ramza has to protect Princess Ovelia.



Dissidia Final Fantasy on arcade will get the stage on February 22 while Dissidia Final Fantasy NT on PlayStation 4 will get the stage sometime in late March.


Dissidia Final Fantasy is available for arcade in Japan, and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available on PlayStation 4 worldwide.

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