Dodge Assassination In Mystery Visual Novel Kemono Michi -White Moment-



In trying to escape from a mysterious organization, the hero of Kemono Michi -White Moment- will find himself dogged by assassins and hidden enemies, and it will be up to the player to help him find who to trust.




Upon trying to escape the organization, the hero finds himself staring into the red eyes of a woman with a sword. This will only be the beginning of his troubles, as various other characters he meets will make attempts on his life. The player will have to help him navigate the web of lies around him, stay away from the organization and its hidden killers, and escape alive.


Kemono Michi -White Moment- will be fully voiced, and will offer additional side story once the player gets the hero through the initial narrative.




Kemono Michi -White Moment- has already passed through Greenlight, and will be releasing in the middle of February.

Alistair Wong
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