Doko Demo Issyo’s Toro and Friends: Onsen Town Will Release for Smartphones in the West on June 23, 2020

Toro and Friends: Onsen Town

The Doko Demo Issyo smartphone puzzle game by ForwardWorks is coming Westward as Toro and Friends: Onsen Town on June 23, 2020. Publisher PiG shared the latest details.

Toro and Friends: Onsen Town is a match-3 puzzle game in which Toro once again needs your help to achieve his dream of becoming human.

Toro and Friends: Onsen Town

Familiar faces from the Doko Demo Issyo franchise will also return, including Kuro, Ricky, Pierre, Jun, and Suzuki. As for the blue cat, it is a new friend named Sora.

Toro and Friends: Onsen TownToro and Friends: Onsen Town

The match-3 puzzle game features over 300 stages. By taking on these stages, you’ll help revitalize the town by using various rewards such as furniture pieces earned from completing stages.

Along the way, we’ll meet new friends of Toro, such as Pokepi who will teach Toro new words and provide new stylish costumes.

Those of you interested in trying out the game can pre-register now to score some bonus items based on the number of users. Here’s what players can get depending on the number of pre-registrations:

  • 50,000 Users – 1,000 coins
  • 150,000 Users – 2,000 coins
  • 400,000 Users – Boosters x4
  • 600,000 Users – 2,000 coins + Boosters x4
  • 1,000,000 Users – 5,000 coins + Unique Outfit + Boosters x8

You can also check out more information about Toro and Friends: Onsen Town at the game’s official website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

Toro and Friends: Onsen Town will launch worldwide in over 100 countries for iOS and Android on June 23, 2020. The game originally launched in Japan as Toro to Puzzle: Doko Demo Issyo in October 2019.

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