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Donkey Kong Country-Inspired Platformer Mekazoo Will Have Tag Team-Style Local Co-Op


The Good Mood Creators has announced that its vibrant Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country-inspired platformer Mekazoo will come with local co-op when it launches on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U in early 2016.


As Siliconera explained before, Mekazoo has you controlling five different mechanical animals, but only two per level, and you have to switch between them to overcome various obstacles. In local co-op, each player is assigned one of these animals as they perform a tag-team relationship through the levels.


The inactive player can only control the “switch” button and can therefore jump in when required – hopefully you can play the game without a friend who will troll you (or maybe that’s part of the fun). If you’re playing seriously and trying to beat the levels in local co-op as switch as possible then you’ll both be required to switch at the correct times and perform your character’s actions perfectly for the best flow.


One thing to note is that Mekazoo starts with only a speedy armadillo who discovers that its animal friends have been turned into huge, angry bosses by an evil insectoid army. These other animals are the ones that you can additionally control but only after they’ve been defeated. So it would seem that the local co-op would only be applicable to the levels after the first boss – this hasn’t been detailed either way by the game’s creators.


Anyway, the other animals in Mekazoo are an acrobatic frog, a springy wallaby, a powerful panda, and a high-flying pelican. You can keep up with Mekazoo’s development on its website.

Chris Priestman