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Donkey Kong Country Headlines a Nintendo Switch Online NES and SNES Batch out July 15, 2020

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Today, Nintendo announced a new batch of classic games for the Nintendo Switch Online NES and SNES game libraries. A Donkey Kong Country Switch port seems to be the marquee title, but we’ll also get Natsume Championship Wrestling on the SNES side, and Immortal for the NES. This batch of three games will land on the Nintendo Switch Online service later this month, on July 15, 2020.

Donkey Kong Country hardly needs an introduction; it’s one of the classic SNES platformers, and while it is divisive today for its focus on graphical fidelity, its soundtrack from David Wise alone makes it worth a try.

Natsume Championship Wrestling is an odd one. There were several wrestling games on SNES, but this was one of the most complex, with over 50 moves, a healing mechanic, and more. In the US it has the generic Natsume branding, but in Japan this game was a licensed tie-in for the All Japan Pro Wrestling promotion.

The Immortal is a curious title, one that first emerged on PC platforms like the Amiga, but made its way across several more before it was done. This is an action-RPG that saw mixed reviews on release, but is notable for its unusual mix of high fantasy aesthetics and arcade-like gameplay.

Meanwhile on the Japanese side, the set also includes Donkey Kong Country (as Super Donkey Kong, natch), but differs otherwise with Shin Megami Tensei and Gun-Dec (released for the NES as Vice: Project Doom).

These games don’t drop until July 15, but Nintendo Switch Online subscribers have access to the full NES and SNES libraries, along with online play and other bonuses.

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