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Don’t Forget To Breathe When Watching This New Super Impossible Road Footage


Futuristic racing game Super Impossible Road has got itself a new trailer titled “Breathe” – a public service announcement that we can all get behind.


If you don’t recall, Super Impossible Road is on its way to PlayStation 4, but there’s still no precise date on when that will be. It’s said to be “coming soon” so it should be this year, at least.


The idea in the game is to get as far down the winding, narrow procedurally generated track as you can, further than your opponents. Your best bet is to fall but you can only do that for about five seconds before being reset. So your leaps downwards need to be carefully managed to ensure you land on part of the track in time.


Super Impossible Road will have a single player career, a survival mode, four player split-screen, and online play.

Chris Priestman