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Don’t Kill Anyone Yet! Grim Fandango Will Also Be Remastered For PC


Fans really, really, really hoped that when Tim Schafer announced a remastered version of Grim Fandango for PlayStation 4 and Vita, it would also hit PC. Well, it is.


Confirmed on Double Fine’s blog, while the game remains a Sony exclusive console-wise for the time being, it is also headed to PC, Mac and Linux.


Furthermore, all versions will launch on the same day, Double Fine says, so no one could possibly get spoiled by anyone else. I mean, really, we don’t know anything about this game! Cross my heart, hope to die.


As for other platforms… back in June, Schafer tweeted there would be news for other platforms “soon”. He could just have been referring to PC, but judging by past trends, you’ll see the game on a bunch of other consoles soon before long.