PlayStation 3

Don’t Let This Lady Tie You Up In Sengoku Basara 4



Two new characters have been unveiled, much to Masamune’s pain, for Sengoku Basara 4. These two will be non-playable, and apparently boss-like encounters, which is a crying shame as I’d not mind playing as Kyogoku Maria or Ashikaga Yoshiteru.


The lady in green, Maria, is said to be exceptionally beautiful—no surprises then, that her alternate history character looks drop dead gorgeous and controls her silken clothing like a spider queen.


The latter is Ashikaga Yoshiteru, who was the actual shogun of Japan once, apparently. While in real life he probably didn’t do that much fighting, Sengoku Basara’s will have him thirsting for a fight and being super skillful—wielding a changeable weapon-stick that’s at once a spear, at others a broadsword and at thirds a bow that fires freakin’ arrows of light. LIGHT.


No one else tops that bit of craziness right now, I think, in the series. Imagine if he were a playable character who went up against everyone else, but on your terms. Man… That’d be pretty unbalanced.


Sengoku Basara 4 will be out for the PlayStation 3 January 23rd 2014.