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Don’t Starve Dev Is Bringing High-Risk Espionage Game Invisible, Inc. To PC And PS4



Klei Entertainment, who you may know for Don’t Starve, has made a couple of big announcements for its in-development strategic stealth game Invisible, Inc.


First off, it’s coming out of Early Access and will see the launch of its full version on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux on May 12th. There will also be a DRM-free version available on Klei’s website. Secondly, Klei revealed that a PlayStation 4 version of Invisible, Inc. is on the way and should be available by winter 2015.



Invisible, Inc. has you in charge of the titular agency and its agents. Each of the randomly generated levels provide hidden threats and loot for you to find as you infiltrate the world’s most dangerous corporations. However, stealth, precision, and teamwork should come above greed in this game as an alarm system is always counting down against you. Every move you make has the potential to land one of your agents in trouble, risking their life.


It has five different game modes, with extra custom options, and each of your agents can be optimized to your preferred espionage style with items, augments, and programs. There’s also a story told through fully animated cut scenes with voiceovers.

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