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Don’t Worry, These Freedom Wars Goodies Weren’t Made By Prisoners



Freedom Wars was recently released, and will also get a major update sometime early this month. The game will additionally make an appearance at Comiket 86 in a couple weeks, where merchandise based on the game will be on sale.


Here’s a look at some of the Freedom Wars goodies you can get if you happen to be in the area during August 15 through 17 at Comiket 86:



Propaganda Idols album (2,000 yen) featuring tracks by the Freedom Wars idols. You can read more about them and check out their tracks here, and here.



This little guy, the Propa-kun mascot, has been seen around here and there with Freedom Wars related videos and other events, often helping out players on becoming good “contributers”. His figure-strap goes for 800 yen.



Freedom Wars pictogram tote bag (1,500 yen)






Three Freedom Wars shirts in aqua blue, red, and black (2,700 yen each).


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Stainless steel bottles, featuring Freedom Wars heroines (2,700 yen each).


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Clear folders with different artwork and screens from the game (300 yen each,) along with two different three-pocketed clear folders (900 yen each).


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The top two are sticker sets, and the bottom one has different clear bookmarkers (500 yen each).



Three character stands featuring the male and female protagonist with Propa-kun (700 yen).



And finally, the Freedom Wars original soundtrack featuring three discs with 46 tracks, for 3,700 yen.


Freedom Wars will be released later this year in the West for PlayStation Vita.

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