Doom & Destiny Advanced Is A Parody RPG About Nerd Culture


Italian studio Heartbit Interactive has released its tongue-in-cheek RPG Doom & Destiny Advanced on mobile while the PC version should be coming out of Early Access soon.


Doom & Destiny Advanced has you playing as four nerds battling through one of the fantasy worlds they’re so obsessed with as they get pulled into it. Inside, they are to become the heroes they role-play as and defeat a businessman and his new start-up.


It plays like a traditional turn-based RPG but is similar to, say, The Big Bang TV series in that it takes a comedic but loving approach to its look at nerd culture. It also features other non-nerd-related gags such as burping in the face of noblemen, snowmen with carrots in suggestive places, and exploding chickens. Oh, and Hulk Hogan makes an appearance for some reason.


If Doom & Destiny Advanced looks familiar to you then that’s probably due to it being a prequel, sequel, and reboot of the first Doom & Destiny. The creators explain that it’s a sequel as it’s the second game in the series, a prequel as it takes place before the first game, and a reboot as it actually takes place on a completely different storyline despite featuring the same characters.


Anyway, in comparison with the first game, Advanced has new graphics, music, and mechanics. All in all, it’s supposed to contain about 15 hours of story content to get through too. You can find the various stores that Doom & Destiny Advanced is being sold on through the game’s website.

Chris Priestman