Doom & Destiny Advanced Will Be An Absurd Parody Of JRPGs



Heartbit Interactive has not long released its comedy RPG Doom & Destiny on Steam, four years after its original release. Now the studio is working on Doom & Destiny Advanced, which is now on Steam Greenlight, and is described as being a prequel, sequel, and reboot.


This new Advanced game is explained like so: “While using the same premise and the four main characters, it tells a brand new story set in a different timeline and even dimension than Doom & Destiny. Much like the “Zelda” series has been doing in the past 20 years.”


So that means you’ll be playing as four low-level characters inside an RPG, who are aware they’re inside an RPG, and constantly make jokes about it. It’s a self-aware parody, then.  This time you’re taking on a business man, but not until the nerds have reincarnated inside the bodies of mystical heroes, gaining super powers.



It’s hard to tell how much of the features list is actually going to happen (due to the exaggerated, comedic tone). But Heartbit claims on the Greenlight page that Advanced will have 40 different classes with 20 special powers each plus unique costumes. There will also be sidequests, levelling up, secrets, online battles, and party customization.


Currently, Doom & Destiny Advanced is in closed beta for PC and mobile. The plan is to launch it this fall.

Chris Priestman