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Doraemon: Story of Seasons’ New Trailer Introduces Its Laid-Back Farming System



Doraemon is known for its many futuristic gadgets but for those of you who might be worried about it being too busy in Doraemon: Story of Seasons, the game shows how Nobita keeps it nice and relaxing.


The latest system introduction trailer from Bandai Namco focuses on the farming aspect of Doraemon: Story of Seasons. It starts with plowing the land, planting seeds purchased from the General Store, then watering daily so the crop grows strong and healthy. You can use fertilizer to improve the quality as well. From there, you can harvest and ship out your goods to make money.


The farming system is pretty much the traditional Story of Seasons style, but there are some gadgets you can use as helpers, like the “Grow Quickly” that makes things grow quicker, the “Kelonpas” used to prevent fatigue, a “Mini Raincloud” that can help with the watering, or the iconic “Anywhere Door” that lets you go anywhere you want on the map. Read more about the gadgets in our previous report.


Doraemon: Story of Seasons releases for Nintendo Switch in Japan on June 13, 2019. It releases in the West in Fall 2019. A demo was recently announced for Japan.

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