Nintendo 3DS

Doraemon Wants To Help Work Your Kids’ Brains With Music



Doraemon has to be one of the most recognizable franchises in Japan (And a good chunk of Asia, where the cute titular character has been massively serialized into Mandarin—so much so he’s got his own ultra-rare 3DS in Taiwan) so why not have him and his handy dandy pocket dimension of useful inventions help out little kids too?


Dorachie Mini Doraband And the 7 Wisdoms is an upcoming 3DS title from Elementary School Mansion aimed squarely at the young.


In this story, Doraemon and his pals have to go forth to gather up both music and the instruments to play for their band, with dozens of mini-games and puzzles aimed at helping young children develop seven areas of their brain.


These areas happen to be memory, observational abilities, deductive reasoning ability, discrimination, configurations, consideration capabilities and overall comprehension. It’s all done with what looks to be a rather fun and simple series of overworld walking, combined with basic mini-game puzzles that task players to correctly choose from a set of three. The game is intended for those up to about eleven years old.


The game goes on sale November 14th on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan for 4,800 yen (About $50) although most online shops are selling it for slightly cheaper right now.