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Doryoku Way: Conflict Brings Bullet Curtains To PC And PlayStation Consoles In 2016


Publisher BadLand Indie is bringing Uchronic Games’ R-Type inspired shmup Doryoku Way: Conflict to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita in 2016 (thanks I Play PS Vita).


It’s a vertically-scrolling shmup with arcade-style play made for one or two players. As well as R-Type, it apparently also takes inspiration from Ikaruga, Sine Mora, and Gradius.


“Players will be able to change the configuration of both the ship and the assistants themselves who are with them, resulting in multiple configurations and offering the possibility to create a custom player team for every situation,” writes BadLand Indie.


It’ll also have experience levels to advance through while earning rewards. Plus, it will offer three game modes: Time Attack, Survival, and Boss Battle.

Chris Priestman