The Dot Is A Puzzle Game That Does Require Logic


The Dot – a logic game is a mobile puzzle game by Ferrazza that offers a wide variety of different gameplay modes and unique visuals. The puzzler features a wide variety of different puzzles, all of which have the same goal—move a ball from point A to point B.


However, it is not as easy as it sounds. There are of course many obstacles that the player must move the ball past, from needing to jump onto various shelves to actually driving a car powered by the ball. Other levels might require the player to put a certain weight on a scale in order to open a door that will lead to victory. The diversity of the gameplay is enough to keep the game interesting from level to level.



The most interesting about The Dot actually has nothing to do with its gameplay. Instead, it’s the graphics that really make the puzzle game pop. The Dot features game art that looks like it has been hand draw onto graph paper, yet at the same time posses 3D complexity and shading that only a computer can do. The result is a strangely beautiful thing to look at. It is an almost perfect blend of simplicity and complexity.



While the levels do not take a long time to beat, they do require a good deal of thinking to figure out how to successfully maneuver the ball through all the obstacles, giving it a fairly long playtime. Oh, and according to the App Store page for the game, the first person to beat all the levels will get a $50 iTunes card.


Currently, The Dot – a logic game is available for iOS.