Doujin Action-RPG Beyond Fallendom Recalls A Link To The Past


Japanese indie studio Edelweiss (Astebreed, Ether Vapor Remaster) has uploaded the trailer for doujin game developer PlatineDispositif’s action-RPG Beyond Fallendom. The game was among those playable at Comiket 89 in December 2015.


Beyond Fallendom is a spiritual successor to PlatineDispositif’s 2013 action-RPG Fallendom, adding new weapons, skills, and a proper story. It’s inspired by A Link to the Past but adds a touch of roguelike elements i.e. randomness.


The idea is to explore each floor to find keys to unlock the exit while dealing with the traps and enemies in the way. You have access to a sword, magical powers, bows, and a grappling hook.


Despite being an action-RPG, PlatineDispositif are calling Beyond Fallendom a “dice-rolling action game.” But where are the dice? Each time you attack the damage you cause is calculated by a roll of the dice. This lends the game to being a little unpredictable and frantic during combat.


You can download the trial version of Beyond Fallendom with this link. There’s more info on its website.

Chris Priestman